The African workforce needs to hone their skills in key areas such as information security awareness, secure programming and coding, web security development and critical infrastructure risk management.

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Building resilient financial, energy, public and private sectors in Africa to prepare for and mitigate cyber threats

Cybersecurity has quickly evolved to organizational challenges that require executive leadership to work with IT professionals and organizations to manage critical infrastructure risks, and build capacity for a resilient “whole of society” workforce part of the financial, energy, public and private sectors, and implement security policies and strategies.

Adopting the best cybersecurity practices and training

Cyber Hygiene e-Learning Course

We have partnered with the leader in Cyber Hygiene training, CYBEXER Technologies, to deliver a state of the art interactive, engaging and effective tool consisting of a training module and two separate test modules to address human risk behaviour in cyberspace.

Cybersecurity Program for the Prevention and Fight against Cybercrime

Strengthening the cybersecurity management capacity of African government agencies. The objective is to establish an integrated, effective and modern national/regional system for the prevention and fight against cybercrime.

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