Working as an effective catalyst for the harmonization of cybersecurity policies in Africa.

Implementing practical solutions in Africa.


USAFCG is a US-based collaborative organization designed to foster the development and implementation of cybersecurity strategies and initiatives in the public and private sectors taking into account scientific, technological, economic and financial, political, and sociocultural dimensions of the “whole of society” in Africa.

Our Vision

A safe, secure, and stable digital world ready to reduce risks and vulnerabilities that would undermine its progress.

Our Mission

Effective catalyst for the harmonization of cybersecurity policies and the implementation of practical solutions in Africa.

USAFCG works with public and private sector initiatives, providing technical and program management assistance in the development and implementation of cybersecurity policies and technological services.


Cybersecurity challenges for Africa

Africa is facing several Internet-related challenges in relation to security risk, intellectual property infringement and protection of personal data. Cybercriminals target people inside and outside their national boundaries and most African governments have neither the technical, nor the financial capacity to target and monitor electronic exchanges deemed sensitive for national security.

USAFCG engages the “whole of society” in a process-based approach including government, legal frameworks, defense, civil society, media, the youth and the public at large, delivering knowledge, technological resources for a sustained training, capacity building and readiness to tackle cybersecurity challenges.

Operate with confidence and secure your data and business operations

Data protection will continue to be top of mind for CIOs and their teams

Our People

USAFCG is equipped to close the gap on knowledge and information on cybersecurity issues in Africa, and effect measurable impact through the harmonization of policy and legal frameworks, coordination and cooperation, development of infrastructure and services, investment and research, and sustained engagement of all stakeholders.

The Senior Management Team and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) have together cognitive experience and firsthand knowledge of information technology and cybersecurity challenges, particularly in Africa.

Advisory Board

Members of the USAFCG Advisory Board bring to the table a thorough understanding of the US and African government bureaucracy, legislation, and the red tape involved in getting things done. They also have working knowledge of both business objectives and cybersecurity technology, developing viable and pertinent cybersecurity deployments.

Ambassador Omar Arouna

Managing Partner

Priscilla Mutembwa

VP, Cybersecurity Policies

Winthrop Hepburn

SME and Senior Associate

Avla Ekra

Project Coordinator

Frank Welffens

Managing Partner

Divine S. Anye

VP, Cybersecurity Solutions

Ibrahim El Radi

Sr. Cybersecurity Engineer

Rene Lake

Global Development Expert

Technical Partners

USAFCG applies an effective strategic partnering strategy to increase competency and provide comprehensive technical assistance, training and capacity building to clients across industries. We are able to deliver on an implementation framework including coordination and cooperation, engagement and assessment, training, education and exercise, technical assistance and support.

Cybexer Technologies


Raul Walter


George Washington University

United States

Cyber Hygiene e-Learning Course

We have partnered with the leader in Cyber Hygiene training, CYBEXER Technologies, to deliver a state of the art interactive, engaging and effective tool consisting of a training module and two separate test modules to address human risk behaviour in cyberspace.

Cybersecurity Program for the Prevention and Fight against Cybercrime

Strengthening the cybersecurity management capacity of African government agencies. The objective is to establish an integrated, effective and modern national/regional system for the prevention and fight against cybercrime.